Bramshill investor letter

2016 - q3 - defense wins championships

Concerned about interest rate risk? Rethinking passive investment strategies and embracing a more tactical approach? At Bramshill Investments, we're continuously assessing the best risk reward opportunities within fixed income and income producing assets.  We regularly share our market insights, macro analysis and tactical asset allocation assessments with RIAs, family offices, and institutional investors.

This quarter, Bramshill’s Investor Letter, Defense Wins Championships, includes market insights on potential sources of yield and total return as well as potential risks in fixed income that are leading the Bramshill team to maintain their conservative positioning. 

In this commentary, you'll learn about:

    • Risk reward dynamics within investment grade corporate bonds, high yield bonds, municipal bonds, preferred stocks, and U.S. Treasuries
    • Macro analysis including perspectives on inflation, active vs passive investment strategies
    • How to navigate the impacts of interest rate risk
    • Much, much more about how to generate return while managing for risk!

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