CALL TOOK PLACE ON FRIday, April 21, 2017 @ 1pm ET

Last year, investors were focused on the Fed, monetary policy and interest rate risk. The first quarter of 2017 drew a focus on Trump, fiscal policy, and political risk. Despite these risks, at Bramshill Investments, we entered 2017 with incredible optimism about risk reward opportunities in fixed income and income producing assets. Our strategy utilizes tactical asset allocation enabling us make strategic moves in our portfolios. We feel this is an environment where investors who believe in active management can thrive.

In the replay of this exclusive conference call with Bramshill Investments CIO Art DeGaetano, Portfolio Manager Derek Pines, and CEO Stephen Selver, you'll learn about:

  • Macro analysis and market insights on the overall fixed income market for 2017

  • Risk reward perspectives on investment grade corporate bonds, high yield bonds, municipal bonds, preferred stocks, and U.S. Treasuries

  • Much more about how to generate yield and total return while mitigating risk including the risk of rising interest rates.

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Art DeGaetano


Mr. DeGaetano is the Founder and CIO of Bramshill Investments.

Derek Pines
Portfolio Manager

Mr. Pines is a Portfolio Manager at Bramshill Investments.

Stephen Selver

Mr. Selver is CEO and member of the Investment Team at Bramshill Investments.

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