Bramshill investor letter

2017 - q1 - Quarterly Review

Wondering how the current environment of changing government policies is affecting fixed income investors? Concerned about potential changes to the Fed’s balance sheet? Rethinking passive investment strategies in favor of a more tactical approach? At Bramshill Investments, we regularly share our market insights, macro analysis and tactical asset allocation assessments with RIAs, family offices, and institutional investors.

This quarter, Bramshill’s Investor Letter takes its theme from a quote by the late, great baseball legend Ted Williams: The key to hitting is getting a good pitch to hit.” We felt this thought process was very applicable to the way we approach investing—weighing our risk versus reward when we commit capital. While the first quarter of 2017 offered some decent opportunities, it primarily left us patiently analyzing, preparing, and waiting for more attractive investment choices.

In this commentary, you'll read about:

  • Relatively tight credit spreads: How much risk does an investor want to take just to earn carry over U.S. Treasuries? 
  • Interest rates: Which factors are driving higher rates?
  • The Bramshill Income Performance Strategy positioning in Q1 2017: Which positions had the greatest impact on this quarter’s performance?
  • Much, much more about how to generate return while managing for risk

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