Bramshill investor letter

2017 - q2 - Quarterly Review

We’ve been hearing some bold proclamations from well-regarded investors over the past few months about interest rates and inflation. These individuals have made statements such, “Inflation will never return due to the technology revolution,” and “High global debt levels will keep inflation low for decades to come.” At Bramshill Investments, we humbly can’t help but wonder what world these people are living in—because we have a different take on the matter.

In this Q2 Investor Letter, you’ll explore questions such as:

  • Is the complacency in the bond market temporary?
  • What is the one key metric we are watching as a leading indicator for higher interest rates and higher inflation?
  • How to source yield and return when the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Index has generationally low yield and high risk?
  • Much, much more about how to generate return while managing for risk.

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