Q4 2017 Bramshill Investments Webinar 

Bramshill Investments Webinar Replay

Original Webinar Date: February 1, 2018.

Institutional investors, RIAs and family offices asked us what would happen to our portfolio if the 10-year moves up to 3%? We shared the results of our portfolio stress-tests on our webinar (and we think the risk of a 3% 10-year is real.)

After all, in mid-December 2017, while most were preparing for the upcoming holiday season, the Federal Reserve was raising the federal funds rate. This was the third rate increase in 2017 with three more rate increases projected for 2018.

In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn how to prepare client portfolios for rising rates:

  • Risk / reward analysis on five major fixed income asset classes

  • Exploration of preferreds (they are not all created equal)

  • Outlook for interest rates in 2018

We’ve done the research, and we share exactly what we think! Then, we walk you through Bramshill’s current fixed income positioning, rationale for higher rates, and perspectives on preferreds, so you can be ready to reassess your portfolios in 2018 as interest rates rise.

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