Bramshill Investor Letter

2017 - Q4 - Quarterly Review

With supply/demand characteristics setting up the way they are, at Bramshill Investments, we expect a material increase in interest rates and pricing pressure across fixed income. With expectations pointing to an 8% negative return over the next 3 years in long dated US Treasuries, this will be a challenging environment for fixed income managers. Are your managers positioned to overcome that hurdle?

In our opinion, as an investor you should be thinking about a 2% 3 year annualized return as your worst case expectation and be asking your fixed-income manager how they are going to get there given the different risks that they might be taking.

In this Q4 Investor Letter, you’ll learn about market insights including:

  • Credit risk vs duration risk: Why Bramshill is comfortable being the “chicken” as our peers take on significant risks
  • Rising interest rates: Potential impacts on asset classes within and outside of fixed income
  • Bramshill Income Performance Strategy risk management: How we stress-test positions to understand potential risk/reward
  • More market insights for you to consider as investors in fixed income!

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